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Ha'Penny Four Cask

Ha’penny Four Cask  Irish whiskey is a blend of four different cask types and two styles of whi..

€50.00 Ex Tax: €40.65

Ha'Penny Gin Glass

Ha'penny Dublin Dry Gin glass embossed with logo. Height 100mm; Diameter 90mm at widest pointPlease ..

€6.95 Ex Tax: €5.65

Ha'penny Pot Still Gin

Named after Dublin's famous Ha'Penny bridge, this Irish Pot Still Gin takes inspiration from Victori..

€39.99 Ex Tax: €32.51

Ha'Penny Rhubarb Gin

Ha'Penny Rhubarb is a refreshing, distinctively pink small batch pot stilled gin featuring the fines..

€39.99 Ex Tax: €32.51